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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a hybrid methodology, combining concepts from both Six Sigma and Lean. Following the DMAIC process, practitioners use both statistical analysis and Lean tools to solve problems across an organization.


Lean thinking can help your organization eliminate wasteful business practices and streamline processes. Lean techniques utilize a simple tenet: if an action does not create value for the customer, it should be eliminated. The five principles of Lean all work together to create the most efficient, value-added process possible.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma eLearning curriculum covers every level of an organization, from the front line to executive management. No matter what level of the organization, our eCourse packages are designed to teach the process improvement skills necessary to drive organizational change to achieve bottom line results.

Leadership and Facilitation

The Leadership courses focus on high-level strategy, rather than tactical problem-solving skills. This concentration gives leaders a view of Performance Excellence.

Innovation and Design

Innovation and Design is the effective way to find new ways to solve old problems and develop products and services that your clients desire most.